Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brewing In The New Year - Part 3

Today is Sunday, and that can mean only one thing... it's tasting day. Our beer has been laying dormant for two weeks and this morning we placed the two tasters in the fridge and let them cool for a few hours. Then finally the moment of truth. We opened, we poured, and we tasted. The beer is a little cloudy, but with good color and a good amount of head (possibly too much but the bottles we opened were filled towards the end of the bottling process so they may have extra foam in comparison). As the weeks go by, the beer should clear up a little. The taste was bitter, but not prohibitively, with a pretty strong hops flavor and good carbonation. Our only goal (aside from learning the process, of course) is that our first batch of beer didn't taste completely awful which would inevitably cause us to re-think our new hobby. And in that, we were more than successful. The taste will change over the next few weeks and I'm optimistic that it will be ready for public consumption soon. And when all of our bottles our empty, we'll get to start the process all over again. Long live Maiden Voyage Ale!

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