Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Gourmet Friends

About a year ago, my friend Mary started a cooking group called Gourmet Friends.
I'm a proud "charter member," and it's always a really great time. We select a theme based on recommendations from the group, then everyone brings a dish to pass about the theme. We've had Spanish night, Southern Food, Appetizers, and this Sunday, a Pizza Party, just to name a few. What's great about the group is that we're all just a bunch of foodies (or wannabes) that love to cook, love to eat, and love to talk about it. We also bring copies of the recipes so if there's anything that we want to taste or try, we can do it. Plus, there's usually leftovers.

Here's a picture from the pizza party and the smiling (and stuffed) GFs are: (Left to Right, Back Row) Matt, Mary (The Gourmet Godfather), Bill, Beth (Vegetarian extraordinaire), Kyle (GF newbie), David, Jen, Kellie (Left to Right, Front Row) The Wannabe, Maddie "I don't want to sit still" Keefe, Hostess Stephanie, Cristina and Kim.


Becky Carroll said...

Great idea for a social gathering! I do the same with my own family, but it would be more fun to include others.

Have you ever tried having it as a "progressive dinner", where you go from house to house for each course? Works best if you all live close by each other. :)

Jess Schmidt said...

We're all spread out around the county, so that might be tough. We take turns hosting though - I'll be hosting GF Thanksgiving next month... my first turkey!

Anonymous said...

I believe that your idea is really nice! If you need any Italian recipe, don't hesitate to ask me for it!
As you are interested in food, I suggest two links: www.slowfood.org (it's ant italian association but they are also in San Diego) and www.terramadre.org.
There is also a post on my blog
Enjoy your meal!

Gaby Anaya said...

Wow! As a Mexican I understand how food can create links amongst people and how it strengthens bonds within social groups. Perfect excuse to bring people together. Sweet!

beth said...

I'm proud to say that I've brought out everyone's inner veg. :)